Kill or Be Kilt: Highland Spies, Book 3

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Anthony a, i. 6, 11-12; Life and Times of Anthony Wood, edited by Andrew Clark, x. 337. Because my research time is limited I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to contribute texts to the database. For example, he incidentally mentions that she encouraged intercourse with foreign traders, and specially with those who brought gay garments cut in the latest fashions; she introduced a magnificence into the Court which transformed the royal household; and she persuaded her consort to institute the service of those high officials, selected for their noble birth, who were now attached to the royal person in all the continental Courts. < All this,' adds Turgot, c the Queen did, not because the honours of the world delighted her, but because duty compelled her to discharge what the kingly dignity required '; and, in point of fact, these worldly interests were for Turgot only the inevitable distrac- tions from higher concerns which are incident to mortals in every station during their pilgrimage in a sin-stricken world.

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